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PBNC Newsletter

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"Saving Water and Spreading the Word"

The Australian Government’s Community Water Grants were part of the $2 billion Australian Government Water Fund.
From 1 July 2006 applications for these grants of up to $50,000 were invited from community organizations to put in place practical on-the-ground solutions to either help save, reuse or improve the health of the local water sources.
In December 2007 the Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre was successful in receiving a Community Water Grant of $43,050 for its project ‘Saving Water And Spreading The Word’.

The grant was used to install:
*Large capacity rainwater tanks for the harvesting and storage of roof water;
*An irrigation system for the garden;
*5-star water efficiency rating profile wc’s with integrated hand basins inside buildings;
*Dual flush water closets, steel handbasins and flow-restricting taps in the on-site public amenities.

As well as these water saving and storage devices, Tweed Shire Council also installed waterless urinals in the on-site public amenities.

Arrival of the tanks

Willing volunteers

Site Preparation

Between Opp Shop and Technology Centre


Behind Administration Building


Behind public amenities


Final tank positions



Waterless Urinals - supplied by
Tweed Shire Council

A volunteer painting the inside of the toilets

New sink fitted with a water saving tap

Water Saving Toilet

The water to refill the cistern flows through the tap and is used
for hand washing before then being used for the next flush.
It's really an ingenious design which makes you aware of the
water filling the cistern and reminds the kids to wash their
hands at the same time.


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for a link to a useful household water audit.

For water wise information click here.

Click here for "Saving Water And Spreading The Word" brochure.